About Us

Citrine House is one of the original vacation homes here in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.

Our Mission: Providing affordable vacation homes to families visiting San Juan ELYU

We believe that going on a family vacation has a lot of benefits and it doesn’t need to be very expensive. By providing an affordable vacation house, families can allocate their budget to food and fun activities that can make the trip more enjoyable!

Our Story

In 2015, surfing got even more popular here in Urbiztondo, San Juan that led to many more surfers visiting our place.

During that time, there were only a few hotels serving them and these accommodations were quite expensive.

So we have decided to convert our little home into a short term vacation house that can accommodate these surfers.

Urbiztondo Beach

We named it Citrine House that was inspired by the Citrine Crystal that brings positivity, wealth, and good luck.

Then we got our business permit, enlisted on Airbnb, and got our first few customers.

We carefully listened to customer feedbacks and recommendations and implemented them to make our place an Airbnb Super Host.

Citrine House First guests 2

But when Covid-19 pandemic hit our country in 2020, we have to close our accommodation temporarily. After more than a year of recovery, we got the go-signal from our Municipality of San Juan to re-open while strictly following health protocols.

Today, Citrine House is continuously growing and improving.

We just recently had it accredited by the Department of Tourism as a Mabuhay Accommodation, same with the other popular hostels in our locality.

Citrine House Happy Guest 13

Citrine House by the Numbers

9+ Years

600+ Bookings

3,000+ Happy Guests

Accreditation and Partnerships

Citrine House Department of Tourism Accredited as Mabuhay Accommodation

DOT Accredited

Citrine House Airbnb Super Host

Airbnb Super Host

Citrine House partners with Karruba Cafe and Bakery

Karruba Cafe and Bakery

What our Customers Say

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